Few would deny that “training young employees” is important for any company.
When it comes to “how to train young employees”, on the other hand, many people have different views. This merely leads to a debate about “what should actually be done”, and in many cases no decision is made on how best to go about it.
Training young employees is very rewarding work.
FIRST CAREER can help you to convert these many different “thoughts” into practical action.

Revising a three-year training system

In many companies, employees are expected to stand on their own two feet as soon as possible, but the image expected of them is not necessarily made clear. While it is true that young employees all differ according to their personality, department and job, it’s important for a company to have a “uniform image of independence” for their young employees. We help you to draw up your company’s “image of independence”, based on our experience with many corporate clients to date.

You want to create a scheme whereby existing employees teach the new ones?-Review of OJT and mentor systems

For anyone newly joining a company, existing employees (people who already work for the company) must be the “face” of the company, providing “(hints at) the image of how they want to be in future”. Instruction from these existing employees (OJT) is indispensable to help new employees learn their jobs. At FIRST CAREER, we take care of all aspects of this, from creating an overall image of an OJT or mentor system including personnel selection and system design, to planning and organizing skill training so that existing employees can actually teach or coach new employees while skillfully communicating with them.

You want to plan for the growth of your existing young employees?

Young employees tend to feel a new anxiety after finishing their induction period, when everything was new to them. Their “worries and mistakes” in this period can be resolved by giving them time to acquire skills with appropriate timing, raise their own motivation and reflect on their performance so far. We can help you let your young employees “grow” with appropriate content and timing, in line with their situation.

You want to review your induction training in April?

For new employees, induction training provides an important opportunity for changing their awareness from students to working people. As the employer, you need to firmly identify what exactly is important in this process. At FIRST CAREER, we help you to implement training through which new employees can earnestly learn and equip themselves with skills, drawing on your company’s philosophy on human resource training and our own experience to date.

Searching for a training program

There are many training programs available on the market. FIRST CAREER is not a company that sells specific programs. What we do is to propose training programs by considering, from the customer’s viewpoint, what training is really needed by the young employees in question. Together with the client, we identify the training that is most ideal from external resources.

You want to know what young people today feel is lacking?

At FIRST CAREER, we periodically conduct research to gain first-hand knowledge of trends among young employees today. Our staff actually meet young employees and listen to their candidly spoken views, providing us with “genuine voices” that are difficult to find through statistical data alone. Our reports are prepared on the basis of regular surveys. Please contact us to apply for the latest information.

When training young employees, it is important to approach training as a medium- to long-term endeavor, and to skillfully convey desired images and steps within that endeavor. Furthermore, training of young employees allows us to create many opportunities for all of the employees who are involved in it. At FIRST CAREER, as experts with a good knowledge of “young people” today, we pledge to create better opportunities for growth, by basing our efforts on the tendencies and characteristics of young people as well as the latest corporate initiatives and knowhow.

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