Management Philosophy / Mission

Manegement Philosophy

Creating smiles

We will put smiles on the faces of everyone involved with FIRST CAREER. We will go about our work so that everyone — customers, consultant and employees — can afford to smile (a “Win-Win-Win” situation). We will not do anything that will make any of these lose.

Establishing social significance

A business that has no social significance cannot exist or survive. The major premise of our activities is that they should be essential to society and have a very important social significance. Of course, we will not engage in anything that is unethical or in which we can find no significance for society.

Pursuing self-actualization

Our business will be one that supports individuals in cherishing their own dreams as well as progressing towards their targets and desired future image. We will provide ample opportunities for mutual thought on “what self-actualization means”, and will help individuals to move ahead to their various futures.


Changing human development from the accidental to the inevitable

Human development is not merely an accumulation of experience. Chance meetings, chance failures and other key factors can become triggers whereby development is expressed.
However, many factors that can become key in this way are interpreted as occurring by accident or coincidence. The raison d’être of FIRST CAREER is to continue providing solutions that will make these factors occur not accidentally but inevitably, thereby stimulating individuals and changing society to one that overflows with vitality.

Values(values shared by employees, ways of interpreting phenomena)

To decide not ‘whether we can do it’, but ‘whether we will do it’.

To place emphasis not on what we should do, but on who we should do it with.

Only to remain true to our purpose. The means to that end are limitless.

To pursue not the level of ‘being all right’ but the level of ‘moving people’.

To value heterogeneity and diversity.

To learn from results, and to use them to obtain new results.

To accept responsibility for all of our actions.

To continue adventures that have a noble cause.